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WINNER: Young Event Horse 4yo Competition at Maui Jim International HT 2008
WINNER: Area 8 Championships 2009, FODS 32.0, Lead start to finish.
WINNER: Gemwood HT 2009, FODS with a whopping 23 dressage!!! Lead start to finish.
2nd at May Daze HT 2009, FODS of 35.5
2nd at Gemwood HT 2008, FODS tied for 1st
3rd at Kentucky Classique HT 2009, 32.0 dressage
4th at Queeny Park HT 2009, 33.5 Dressage
4th for USEA 2009 Area 8 Year End Point Championships with 25 points in only four HT's

2007 Performed in Rolex Kentucky CCI*** Future Event Horse Showcase

Nightfall, the young horse.... Nightfall is the product of careful breeding from the top bloodlines for eventing, and we are so excited to share him with you. He stands at 16.0 1/2 hands as a young horse, and continues to grow. Nightfall has beautiful proportions and terrific balance. His long, elegant neck rises high out of a well-angled shoulder, and his head is refined and an excellent example of Trakehner type. He has brilliant feet on which he began his first year of competitions barefoot, and he tracks up brilliantly with big, swingy gaits. Everything in life is easy for him. And yet our favorite attribute is his attitude... He was BORN to event, and he knows it. Megan has been blessed to ride many wonderful international horses over the year, and yet every time she gets on Ryan she is astonished at his incredible talent. Megan best describes him as: "Riding Ryan cross country is like sitting on a tiger---brave and fierce, catlike, forward-moving with a zest to go after anything in his path." As a foal, he was taught to lead properly in a single lesson, and willingly and intelligently obeyed from then on. Nightfall fears nothing, and was already splashing in the creek and leaping off banks in his pasture at just a few months old. While being broken, he never showed any signs of resistance, and happily took to carrying a rider as if he'd been waiting for that priviledge his whole life. In our many years of breaking horses to ride, Ryan has been one of the easiest.... Four days under saddle, even as a stallion, he was happily doing w/t/c and the girls were having a blast cantering around playing with his natural flying changes.

Nightfall, the friend.... Nightfall is treated as any of the geldings, and during his first four years spent his turnout time with two geldings. He is absolutely the friendliest horse on the farm, and will litterally come running to you anytime you call, even if he's already been ridden. At Maui Jim International HT in 2008, Ryan won the 4yo Young Event Horse division. Better yet, not only is he a top competitor, but he is also a unique friend... We returned to the stalls after a coursewalk at that show, to find someone's four year old child crawling into the stall with our stallion, cuddling and kissing and petting our stallion! He is remarkably kind.

Nightfall, the teacher... As a five year old, I had him at a jumper show, and was sitting on him between my classes. Other competitors came over, and parked right up against him on either side to chat. After we had been parked iron-to-iron for about 20 minutes, I mentioned Ryan and they were shocked to learn they had been standing next to a stallion the entire time! He is handled on a daily basis by the working students, and is a favorite on the days that they get the opportunity to ride him. I can put a rider on him to show them what the connection should feel like, and he is a wonderful teacher. In addition, he was the model for a 2010 magazine article. The author of the article asked us to come up with a beautiful horse for some jumping photos.... We provided Ryan, then to her suprise encouraged her to ride him for the photos, not us. Their ride was absolutely poetic.... He took her around a 3' course with all her changes, and her confidence grew with every fence. It was absolutely poetic---and she had never ridden him before. We are eagerly awaiting the magazine article to come into print!

Nightfall, the stallion... Nightfall is an amazing guy. The majority of sport horse stallions are never collected during competition season. We are very proud and lucky that Nightfall knows his job and is very intelligent and kind.... I am proud of the fact that he is so trainable.... On the weekend of his very first horse trial as a 4yo, we found out that one of the test breeding mares was about to ovulate. Our 4yo stallion went to the horse trial, then travelled two miles to the vet clinic where he was collected, and returned to the horse trial to finish competing and finish in the ribbons.... All while being ridden by an adult amateur. Now THAT is a special temperament!!!

Nightfall, from the legacy of Windfall... Windfall offspring won the 2006, 2007, and 2008 Young Event Horse national championships, showing their tremendous talent for the sport. And when Nightfall was selected to be presented at the Future Event Horse demonstration at the Rolex Kentucky CCI**** in 2007, then USEA president Jo Whitehouse described him over the loudspeaker as a "carbon copy of Windfall." What a compliment! Nightfall is not an accident---he is the result of decades of careful breeding to create an outstanding event horse.

Nightfall, the future... Nightfall will be offered to outside mares in 2010, at a special introductary rate. Unfortunately, his dam passed away in labor (while giving birth to the foal the year after Ryan) before we were able to present her to the ATA for approval. Because of that minor fact, we are unable to present Nightfall for approval with the ATA. We have big international plans for him, and perhaps that will be convincing enough in the future, but until then he is offered as his foals will not be registerable. However, registered horses aren't benefitted in eventing. We feel that Nightfall is a great opportunity for the small breeder to breed to an exceptional stallion at significant savings to the breeder. For more information, please contact Megan Moore at megan@teamceoeventing.com .

Hail to the Chief at Intermediate

Hail to the Chief

16.2h Black Thoroughbred Mare

Eventing at Intermediate

Hail to the Chief was a once in a lifetime horse. She evented a bit before we got her, but had some challenges and never seemed to make a match. For Hailey and Megan, it was love at first sight. We developed her to Intermediate and took her to the NAYRC. This photo is of Hailey and Megan as a junior rider, on their way to the second fastest XC clean at this Intermediate outing. In 2001 Hailey took Megan, at the age of 17, to the North American Young Riders Championships, where Hail to the Chief finished in the ribbons and helped her team to 4th place. She jumped clean on XC, and was noted by the coaches to be able to be counted on to produce a clear cross country. Hail to the Chief was an endlessly brave mare, and when matched with Megan she never met a fence she did not like. In three years with Megan, she never had an XC jump fault at Prelim or Intermediate, and consistently produced some of the fastest XC times at every competition. She ran all three phases in a snaffle with Megan. Hailey is a product of the famed Northern Dancer lines, one of the most prominent ancestries in Sporthorse history. She is a grand-daughter of Sir Gaylord, who is a half brother to Secretariat and a track record holder. She is a descendent of Irish TB Turn-to and French TB Ambiorix, two favorites for Team CEO Eventing's TB's. She also carries the bloodlines of Bold Ruler. Most importantly, she has a large quantity of European TB blood, which contributes greatly to her soundness, stamina, and turf ability.


Windfall (TK)

16.2h Black Trakehner Stallion

Eventing at Advanced/CCI****

Windfall is known as the #1 Eventing Stallion Worldwide. He has made an impressive career on two continents, and is world renouned for his ability to win the dressage and stay on that score. Windfall's time in North America has been legendary, including 1st at Rolex Kentucky CCI**** in 2004 and a part of the Bronze Medal US Team at Athens Olympics 2004. He won The Fork CIC***W, Stuart CIC**, Virginia HT Intermediate, Rocking Horse Advanced, Red Hills, Poplar Place, Pine Top, Fair Hill CCI***, and many others. He won the Individual Gold Medal at the 2003 Pan American Games. While he is undoubtably a force to be reckoned with on the international scene, it must also be noted that Windfall has been known for his soundness. After an entire decade of competing at the top levels of our sport, Windfall continues to be sound.


Habicht, shown at left, is Nightfall's grandsire. Habicht was a winner of his 100-day performance test and became one of the best three-day horses Germany has produced in modern times. Two injuries to his rider, Martin Plewe, both unrelated to Habicht, were the only factors that kept him from the 1976 Montreal Olympics and the 1978 World Games in Lexington. They won the CCI*** at Achselschwang and in 1977 were the best German pair at the Burghley CCI****. He has established the most prominent warmblood eventing dynasty in the world, mainly through his sons Windfall, Sixtus, Parforce, and others. Thanks to New Spring Farm Trakehners for the photos and the information. New Spring Farm is perhaps the leading warmblood breeder of young event horses in the US today, having recently won the 4yo and 5yo USEA Young Event Horse Championships in 2008, both with half siblings to our stallion, Nightfall.


2004 16.1h Dark Bay Trakehner Cross Stallion

Eventing at Novice Level with advanced level event rider Megan Lanzarone
Windfall II (TK)

Trakehner imported from Germany.

Eventing at Advanced with Darren Chiachia

2004 Olympics
Winner of Rolex Kentucky CCI****
Habicht (TK)

Winner 100 Day Test
CCI*** Winner
Best German horse at Burghley CCI****
Burnus AA (TK)
German Eventing Team w/ Reiner Klimke
Lapis (Shagya)  
68 Fenek V AA (Kisber)  
Hallo (TK)
Successful german sport horse
Goldregen (TK)  
Handschelle (TK)  
Wundermaedel XX

Evented at Advanced
Scored 10 by TK Verband
Dam to numerous advanced level horses
Madruzzo XX
Top Steeplechase Sire 2nd in German Derby
Kaiseradler XX
Sired GP Dressage
Madonnina XX  
Wunderbluete XX Celadon XX  
Wunschtochter XX  
Ron's Real Linda XX
AKA Hail to the Chief

Intermediate Level Eventing
2001 NAYRC
Kid Colin XX Baldski XX
Won Gold Coast Handicap
Nijinsky XX
Top Eventing Bloodline
Northern Dancer XX
Flaming Page XX
Too Bald XX Bald Eagle XX
Twenty Six Girl XX Blade XX  
Monarchy XX
Vegas Vixen XX TV Lark XX
Las Vegas XX
Gaylords Choice XX Lord Gaylord XX
Sired Eclipse Award Winner
Sir Gaylord XX
6 time stakes winner
Turn To (IRE) XX
SomethingRoyal XX
Miss Glamour Gal XX Ambiorix (FR) XX
Wild Music XX
Party Crasher XX Your Host XX Alibhai (GB) XX
Boudoir (IRE) XX
Fatal Gesture XX Devil Diver XX
Nuit Noire XX
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Top, Ryan as a 5yo on his way to 23.0 in dressage in a big impressive division, despite completely missing any opportunity to warm up due to a schedule change and impending storm! Now that's an easy horse.... Wins the dressage, without even warming up! Bottom, Ryan is shown eventing at Kentucky Classique HT in August 2009 as a 5yo. He finished in 3rd place in an impressive division.

Nightfall's First Foal Crop: 2009

Nightfall's 2009 Foal Crop
2009 represents Nightfall's very first foal crop. We elected to breed him to three of our mares, and chose three that are extremely different types in order to judge the traits that he tends to pass to his foals. The first mare is big and rangy, a very long hunter horse. Despite her many advantages, for purpose of evaluation, her faults include a plain head and a long back. The second mare is a very good mover and a lovely type, but is also very plain in the head and a bit of a mare, as well as being a bit long. The third mare is one of our favorite event horses, with a lovely compact body but a bit small. Our first finding was that Nightfall settled 100% of his 2009 foal crop mares in ONE BREEDING!

In every case, Nightfall improved upon the mare tremendously. Despite the two mares having unrefined heads, he stamped 100% of his foals with the gorgeous classic trakehner head. All were born exceedingly healthy and strong, and had easy births. All three (two colts, one filly) are exceptionally easy to train, and learned to lead quickly and easily. They all received his dark bay color, though one is appearing to shed out to her mother's gray coat. All have lovely straight limbs and good feet. They all have exceptionally powerful hips, and a neck that comes high out of their shoulder. Nightfall is a modest sized stallion at 16.1h, and it appears he will throw foals that are like him in size. He would not be likely to greatly increase the size of a mare. 100% of the foals are short coupled with nice strong backs and good balance. Just like their father, they seem to have VERY LITTLE TO NO SPOOK. Now that they have all been weaned, we have also learned (since they live out in our cross country field with a run-in shed) that they are absolutely fearless, just like Daddy. Nightfall GREATLY IMPROVED THE TEMPERAMENT on two of the mares, the third mare already having an ideal temperament. On different occasions, all three weanlings have been seen jumping up our Novice XC bank at liberty while playing in the field! They are known to chase dogs and deer out of their field, and are just generally brave, friendly, and outgoing.

We welcome Night Out, Night Life, and Nightly News to the world!

Nightfall's 2010 Foal Crop
We are so very excited about what 2010 will bring. We were so happy with Nightfall's 2009 crop that this year we have rebred three mares to him again. Mares checked in foal for 2010:

KATE: (a 7yo TB bay mare), who produced an amazingly friendly and fancy '09 foal named Night Life. Overall, we thought we'd try different mares this year to keep testing how well he stamps his foals.... But we couldn't resist a repeat performance of our favorite 09 foal!

SWEET ADELAIDE: (a 9yo Oldenburg dk bay mare), an exceptionally fancy warmblood mare who we are excited to see crossed with our favorite boy!

SPRITE: (a 16yo TB chestnut Mare), whom he settled on first cover even with an aged mare with history of challenges. Sprite is a sister to our Advanced Level event horse Never Stop Dreaming!!! What an amazing cross that will be!

With the exception of one aged maiden mare with fertility issues, Nightfall settled all other mares bred for 2010 in just ONE breeding! Check back for updates, as the 2010 crop is expected to start arriving in May!

We anxiously await our 2010 crop!