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16.1h bay Thorougbhred Gelding

Eventing at BN level

Congratulations to Lani on the purchase of Yes Please! Yes Please is a super fancy thoroughbred gelding who has evented with an adult amateur. He is gorgeous with an especially fantastic canter, and loves dressage. 2nd Derbyshire HT, 4th Team Challenge HT. Yes Please is the epitome of his name---always happy, always wants to please his rider. He is pleasant, bubbly, and happy, and loves attention. We are so excited for Lani and Yes Please to develop their new partnership! They were love-at-first sight... We can't wait to see their success!!


16.1h chestnut Trakehner mare

Eventing at BN level

Congratulations to Claire on the purchase of Faith! Faith is fancy, talented, and has a great future. Faith is a huge mover in the trot with tons of reach.... Could be a very fancy A hunter. Amazing balanced canter. Very quiet disposition. Brave to jump! Snaffle in all three phases. Sired by Elijah, ATA event horse of the year. We've sold siblings of this mare to eventers around the country, where they have become VERY popular with their owners, and two have placed top 4 at the AEC's! Siblings have won Area Championships in Area 5 and 3. A La Mode: 4th Team CEO HT Starter FODS, 5th Spring Bay HT OBN FODS of 38.5, Successfully competing in HJ and mini trials.


2005 16.2h Bay TB Gelding

Eventing Successfully at Training

Congratulations to Jennifer of IL on the purchase of our beloved Expedition! We purchased him off the track as a 3yo, and now at 7yo he is a very solid training level competitor, having finished 6th, 3rd, and 5th in his last three outings in tough competition.

  • 1st Georgetown HT Training Level Combined Test, 34 dressage
  • 3rd Kentucky Classique HT 2012 Training, 41 dressage FODS w YR, one of very few to SJ DC
  • 5th Queeny Park HT 2011 Novice, 34 dressage
  • 5th Midsouth HT 2012 Training, 39.6 dressage, FODS, one of very few to SJ DC
  • 7th Midsouth HT 2011 Training, 45 dressage, FODS
  • 8th Jumpstart HT 2011 Novice, 37 dressage, FODS
  • 8th Gewood HT 2011 Training, 38 dressage, 0/0 xc, 4/0 sj
  • 8th Greater Dayton HT 2011 Novice, 36.5 dressage FODS
  • 10th Spring Bay HT 2012 Novice, 42 dressage FODS


    2002 16h Thoroughbred Gelding

    Novice Level Eventer, winner of several events

    Megan's little pet for 2011... This terrific guy is quiet, easy, and fun! He has evented extensively at BN and N with Megan and numerous students. He consistently places in the top couple after dressage, is fun and easy SJ, and is soft and kind xc. What a neat horse! We are so excited for Buddy to have his own little girl!

  • CHAMPION Beginner Jumper Lakeside Arena Jumper Show 12/11, 14yo rider aboard
  • CHAMPION Hopeful Jumper, Dec 2011, Lakeside Arena Jumper Show, 14yo rider aboard
  • 1st Gemwood HT 2011 BN, 28.6 dressage FODS, lead start to finish, win by 7 pts in big class of very good pros!
  • 1st Queeny Park HT 2011 BN, 25 dressage FODS, lead start to finish!
  • 1st Team CEO HT, lead start to finish, FODS, with a 11 year old rider!
  • 1st The Georgetown HT, lead start to finish, FODS, with Adult Amateur in her first event! Won by 9 points.
  • 1st Lakeside Arena Jumper Show, Beginner Jumper, winner of both A & B classes! Dec 2011
  • 1st Lakeside Arena Jumper Show, Winner of 3' Jumper, both A & B classes! Dec 2011
  • 5th Champagne Run HT 2011, 34 dressage, 1 rail SJ, 0/0 XC
  • 5th KY Classique HT 2011, 32 dressage, 1 rail SJ, 0/0 XC
  • 6th Flying Cross HT 2011, 35 dressage, 0/0 SJ, 0/0 XC
  • 8th Jumpstart HT 2011 (huge division), 31 dressage, 4/0 sj, 0/0 xc


    2005 15.2h Paint x Thoroughbred Gelding

    Packer at Training Level---Schooling Preliminary

    QUALIFIED FOR 2011 AEC at TRAINING! Boscoe is a horse of a lifetime. A forward, enthusiastic horse who LOVES his job. Fun and reliable on the flat consistently scoring in the 30's. AMAZING, once-in-a-lifetime horse to ride across country. Goes all phases in snaffle. Careful and catty in show jumping. An amazing partner for a young rider or adult amateur to have th ehorse of a lifetime. Megan's favorite! Boscoe's ideal rider would enjoy and adore his enthusiasm as much as we do. He is a CROSS COUNTRY machine!!!

  • 2nd at Dunnabeck HT 2010, 35 dressage, double clean XC in Open Training
  • 2nd at Come Again Farm CT, 35 dressage with an error
  • 2nd at Summer School HT at Beg Novice, 35 dressage, with a working student
  • 2nd at Come Again Farm CT, 33 dressage
  • 2nd at Paul Frazier CT, 34 dressage, against many upper level riders
  • 3rd at Flying Cross Farm HT at Novice of 17 horses, 35.3 in dressage, against a big class of pros riding very impressive horses
  • 4th at Flying Cross HT 2010 in Open Training, 36.8 dressage
  • 5th at Team CEO HT at Beginner Novice, FODS of 33.3, with an AA student aboard catchriding
  • 5th at Greater Dayton HT at Beginner Novice, 40.5 dressage
  • 5th at The Georgetown HT in Senior Open Novice, 38.4 dressage from an upper level dressage rider, FODS with working student aboard
  • 6th at Gemwood HT in Open Training, FODS
  • 7th at Queeny Park HT in Training, 36.8 dressage
  • 7th at Team CEO HT at Novice, 34.5 dressage, with a working student aboard
  • 10th at Kentucky Classique HT at Novice, 38.4 dressage with a working student catch riding him at the last minute, in a big division
  • 10th at Spring Bay HT at Novice, 37.1 dressage to FODS in a very tough division, and he was brilliant in all phases all weekend!
  • 10th at May Daze HT in Training, 37.7 dressage to FODS in a very tough division, even making time on XC when the time was very tight!


    2005 dark bay Thoroughbred gelding, sticked at 17.0 hands

    Eventing Novice, Schooling Training. Fancy event horse that loves to WIN!!

    QUALIFIED FOR 2011 AEC at NOVICE!!! ASAP is as sweet as they come! He gives 110% to his work, and always tries to do his best. He is consistently in the 20's or 30's in dressage (usually the 20's!). He is a brave, clean jumper who loves to go cross country, but is also super reliable in the show jumping. This big, talented, scopey guy gets alot of attention whereever he goes. Absolutely a blast to ride in dressage---very soft and supple, schooling solid 1st level work and comes through easily. Dependable in the dressage ring---LOVES to win! Eventing at Novice with solid mileage and numerous wins under his belt. Nice solid correct foundation with professional training---produced slowly and carefully to give him the foundation to be a superstar someday! Sheldon is a talented young horse with a wonderful dressage background that is looking for a talented, capable rider who can help him package his size a bit in order to continue what he loves to do most..... WIN, WIN, WIN! Eventing at Novice, schooling Training. See below for MANY competition videos.

  • 1st Queeny Park HT 2010 BN, 26.7 dressage FODS, to win by SEVEN POINTS!!!
  • 1st Flying Cross HT 2009, 25.0 dressage
  • 1st Queeny Park HT 2009 BN, 38.0 dressage
  • 1st World Beginner Novice Championships 2009, 24.5 dressage
  • 3rd Gemwood HT 2010 Novice, 37 dressage (with error)
  • 3rd Dunnabeck HT 2010 Novice, 25.5 dressage
  • 6th Flying Cross HT 2010 Novice, 30.5 dressage


    2002 16.3h black Shire Cross mare

    Amateur's dream! Wonderful, honest, brave, quiet, comfortable eventer or foxhunter! Eventing at Beginner Novice

    Mattie is one of a kind... She is incredibly kind and honest, and has been ridden by a teenage girl for most of her life. She is well broken, and is thoroughly tolerant of everything we've ever asked her to do. She has a great jump... Cute knees and super comfortable, just stepping over her fences. She is brave over jumps and happy to jump anything we've pointed her at so far! She has also trail ridden extensively, and hacks out quietly on the buckle, even in a large group of horses. She is great around hounds, and is happy to live inside or outside. She goes all phases in a snaffle, and works nicely on the bit. GREAT fit and lives barefoot. This is an incredible must-see to be your new best friend! She has a GREAT canter, which can be unusual for a draft cross. Great future in lower level eventing, or foxhunting, or dressage. Schooling Beginner Novice.

  • 5th at Lakeside Hunter/Jumper Show 2011 in the 2' Jumpers
  • 6th at 2011 Lakeside Hunter/Jumper Show in the 2' Jumpers
  • Successfully shown in the Martin County Fair, MN
  • 11th place Spring Bay HT BN, double clear XC


    2001 16.2h bay TB Gelding

    Novice Eventing PACKER or 3'3" Jumper PACKER---Amateur's DREAM horse! $10,000

    Valor is an incredible partner... He is owned by a top sporthorse vet, and has been his sole competition partner for several years. Now sadly offered for sale due to move. Valor is an incredible guy who is extremely well schooled as a Jumper or Event Horse. He has competed in the jumpers, and is also well trained in dressage and XC . He goes all phases in a snaffle, and is very adjustable... Will halt on a dime, and terrific at roll backs and jumper turns. Incredibly scopey and careful, yet brave and honest. An incredible horse for someone, at a third of the price! Confidently jumping 3' to 3'3" courses, very consistent and obedient on the flat with a great canter. Competed successfully in the jumpers with adult amateurs and juniors.... VERY careful, honest, easy.

    RESERVE CHAMPION 3'6" Jumpers Lakeside Arena January 2011 in very good company

    2nd place 3'6" Jumpers at January 2011 Lakeside Arena Hunter Jumper Show with 17 year old rider aboard, course A

    2nd place January 2011 Lakedise Hunter Jumper Show, 3'6" Jumpers, with junior rider aboard, course B

    3rd place Gambler's Choice, Lakeside Arena HJ Show January 2011, amassing 575 points (each fence 25 or 50 pts)


    2007 Bay Irish Draught / Thoroughbred Cross

    Adoreable, easy going guy who wants a future as an eventer or foxhunter! $8,500

    ***NEW VIDEO 3/5/2011***** What a great guy.... Leroy's attitude and temperament absolutely epitomize the Irish Sport Horse. He is adoreable with an incredible people-friendly attitude. He has terrific bone and outstanding feet. In addition, he is naturally laid-back, people-loving, and workmanlike. He is extremely trainable and, though only 4yo, a great prospect for an amateur to bring along. Temperaments like this on a 4yo are RARE!!!!!! Working well in BN level dressage, goes nicely on the bit. Jumping 2' courses---brave and EASY! Hacks out quietly on the buckle, snaffle mouth in all three phases. Confident and non-spooky XC, takes to life with the typical ho-hum ID attitude! Sired by “Touch of the Blues”, a registered Irish Draught stallion. Bred in Northern Ireland, Touch Of the Blues went on to win the foal championship at the Royal Dublin Show and was then sold onto England where he passed his Registered Irish Draught inspection and went on to compete at Intermediate level eventing in England. He has sired to date 7 approved sons who stand in Ireland, England, South Africa and New Zealand. Out of “Jewel of a Gal”: 2001 Thoroughbred mare, sired by Grand Jewel, stakes winner including the Lexington Stakes. Client-owned, looking for a great home for this guy!

  • Probable Cause--Eventing at Preliminary/CCI* Level

    Purchased by Delphine from Houston TX, August 2010

    (CLICK photo for larger version.) Basil is eventing successfully at the Prelminary and CCI* level of eventing, all at just 7 years old. He is a brilliant cross country horse, and absolutely loves his job. He is extraordinarily talented, and should have scope to go ALL THE WAY in eventing. He seeks a talented partner who wants to go FAR. Very sound, very talented, clean rounds at T3D and CCI*. He is only 7 years old and thus is still developing some strength and education on the flat---his ideal rider would like to help him a bit with that. He is extraordianarily honest over fences and very catty on XC, willing to help his rider in any way possible and desires to get you safely to the other side. Basil's ideal rider would like to jump BIG fences and he's happy to give you a BIG confidence boost on XC!

  • 1st Team CEO HT Open Training 2008
  • 2nd Preliminary CT 2009
  • 3rd Spring Bay HT OT 2010, 35 dressage to FODS in a very nice field of horses!
  • 3rd Queeny Park HT OP 2010, Only horse to make time on XC!
  • 4th Spring Bay HT BNH 2008(with junior rider aboard)
  • 4th Greater Dayton HT BNH 2008
  • 5th Flying Cross HT Open Preliminary 2009 (with a young rider aboard)
  • 7th Champagne Run HT OBN 2008(with young rider aboard)
  • 7th River Glen HT Training 2009 (with 18yo amateur rider)
  • 8th Pine Top Winter HT Training 2009 (with 18yo amateur rider)
  • 8th Gemwood HT Open Preliminary 2009 (with 18yo amateur rider)
  • 8th Sporting Days HT Training 2009 (with 18yo amateur rider)
  • 9th Gemwood HT Open Preliminary 2010 (with junior rider catchriding)
  • 11th Midsouth Team Challenge CCI* long format, Open Division, 2009 (with 18yo amateur rider, clean XC)

  • Riddle Me This--Eventing at Beginner Novice Level

    Purchased by Quin from Kentucky, February 2010

    (CLICK photo for larger version.) Riddle is an incredibly special guy.... He is honest, brave, bold, and kind. Plus, with outstanding color and an incredible personality, he is truly one of a kind. Riddle is eventing successfully at the Beginner Novice level, and schooling Novice and Training. We are so excited to see Quin and Riddle debut in their first USEA horse trial together in 2010!!!

    4th at Team CEO HT 2009 in Open Starter, 33.2 dressage FODS
    7th at The Georgetown HT 2009 in Beginner Novice, 32.6 dressage
    9th at Octoberfest HT 2009 in Senior Beginner Novice

    Sur Les Tas--WINNING at Novice Level

    Purchased by Kim from Kentucky, December 2009

    (CLICK photo for larger version.) Taz has absolutely become part of the family here at Team CEO Eventing..... We joke that he is Mr. Dependable, but please-oh-please don't tell him that he's only four years old!! Taz is my turn-to guy for any rider that needs confidence on XC or Show Jumping.... He is an amazing horse to jump, going all three phases in a snaffle without even a running martingale. He is soft and kind and gentle to ride. His riders find him very intelligent yet kind, and he is smart enough and athletic enough to jump the rider out of just about any mistake she might make. Recently (11/2009), he took one of our young riders out XC schooling.... Taz took his beginner novice rider around all of the novice fences, and then around all of the training course. By the end of the day, the rider (her first time ever jumping Taz) was grinning from ear to ear! He didn't stop at a single fence, and her confidence grew and grew all day. He is a star, happily jumping trakehners, ditch & walls, coffins, banks, water. We depend on Taz in group schoolings, as he's always the horse we turn to for a lead over anything (especially water). We are so excited that Kim has purchased Taz.... Everyone at Team CEO misses him dearly, but I know that he is in a great home, and we'll be seeing lots of him around Area 8 this year!

    1st at Octoberfest HT 2009 in Senior Open Novice, 34.5 dressage with an AMAZING test, with an AA aboard in her first novice in 5 years, FODS
    2nd at The Georgetown HT 2009 in YR Open Novice, 35.8 dressage, FODS
    2nd at Team CEO HT 2009 in Green Starter, packing a student around her first HT ever, FODS of 30.0! What a good boy!
    3rd at Champagne Run Farm HT 2009 in Open Beg Novice, FODS of 34.1
    5th at Jumpstart HT 2009 in Open Novice, FODS of 38.0 (with an error), with a catchrider YR aboard in the pro division!
    5th at Team CEO HT 2009 in his first Open Novice HT, 38.0 in dressage, 0/0 xc, 4/0 sj in a very impressive division
    7th at Flying Cross HT May 2009 in Open Beg Novice, of 17 horses. 39 dressage, FODS.

    Vis a Vis--Eventing at Novice Level

    Purchased by Allison from Pennsylvania, December 2009

    Visa is a fascinating guy.... He absolutely oozes talent. Visa is an attractive, scopey guy with lovely conformation and an amazing gallop. Visa is extremely well bred for the modern times of eventing. He is half TB, out of a well bred ex-track mare who was a winner and carries excellent eventing bloodlines. Visa is sired by Tribute, a Trakehner stallion competed by the four star event rider and connessoir of trakehner breeding, Darren Chiachia. Visa is a fancy mover with a huge gallop. He has tons of scope and virtually unlimited talent. Visa has evented successfully and shown in the jumpers.

    1st at Champagne Run Farm HT, with a catchride YR aboard, 27 in dressage and FODS
    1st at Queeny Park HT, 32.0 in dressage lead from start to finish
    2nd at Midsouth Team Challenge in Open Beginner Novice, with a YR aboard, 39.5 dressage
    3rd at The Georgetown HT 2009 in YR Open Novice, 36.3 dressage from an upper level dressage rider, FODS
    7th at Gemwood HT in Open BN
    7th at Champagne Run HT in Open BN
    9th at Team CEO HT in his first Novice, with a 30.5 in dressage with YR aboard


    La Dolce Vita, Young Event Horse Winner

    Purchased by Amy from Indiana, December 2009

    (Click on picture for enlarged version.) Dolce is stunning 5yo steele gray TB gelding, 16.2h, that is sure to catch your eye. WOW... He has the most terrific knees over a fence, and is naturally both brave and careful... What a stellar combination! He has a super fancy jump.... Jumping 2'9" courses and has evented at starter & BN. Quiet and easy going, hacks out well and tries hard to please. And did we mention that, at his very first horse trial, he finished on his dressage score and he WON!?! Dolce continues his winning ways as he WINS the 2008 Richland Park 4yo Young Event Horse Competition!!! Congratulations to Amy on the purchase of this incredibly beautiful, special guy!

    1st at Richland Park Young Event Horse Competition
    3rd at Maui Jim Wayne Young Event Horse Competition

    Dobbin, evented through Training

    Purchased by Tori from PA, November 2009

    Dobbin is a selle francais/TB gelding who has evented extensively on the east coast and west coast through the training level. He has competition experience all over the country--this is truly a been there, done that kind of guy! He is a very brave, bold cross country horse who finds all novice cross country questions easy! His owner has owned him for three years, in which time they've never come out of a competition without a ribbon. Dobbin also has experience in Pony Club, with his young rider owner riding him for her tradition and her dressage C-3 ratings, where they passed both. He has been to a few dressage schooling shows at training and first level and always scored in the mid to high 60s. Dobbin is a very experienced Novice level event horse who is a solid citizen on the flat, easily scoring at the top of his dressage division with great regularity. He has a terrific canter and his trot is VERY easy to sit, making him a terrific candidate for the rider who wants to event at the lower levels and be very competitive. Congratulations to Emily Rosenbaum on the sale and Tori on the purchase!

    1st at Golden Spike HT (UT) in Open Novice, 29.5 dressage
    1st at Georgetown HT (KY) in YR Open Novice, 26.8 dressage, won by 5 pts
    1st at Golden Spite HT (UT) in JR NOvice in 2003, 39.5 dressage
    2nd at Eagle Fall Festival HT (CO) in JR Novice Rider
    2nd at Eagle Fall Festival HT (CO) in 2003 in Jr Training
    2nd at Barbara Cimino Memorial HT in Jr Novice, 34.5 dressage
    3rd at Picabo Ranch HT in Jr Novice, 34.5 dressag

    Gem, eventing at Green Starter

    Purchased by Kayleen from KY, August 2009

    Gem has three terrific gaits, with an especially fancy trot that is floaty, flat kneed, rhythmical, and with huge extension of the shoulder. She is a plain bay paint, except for a white face and one blue eye. Very flashy! She is very brave on XC, and takes it all in stride. Last week, a young boy at the farm was playing with a soccer ball, and accidently kicked it right into Gem while one of the girls was sitting on her. She didn't move a muscle---what a star!!! Gem and Molly just finished 5th at The Georgetown HT in the Green Starter Division, adding nothing to her dressage score of 35.0. She is quiet and laidback and easygoing, and will make someone a great horse. We are offering her for sale very inexpensively as we bought her to save her before she became very, very skinny, and now that she's fat and the epitome of health, she's ready to go to a new home. She loves to eat and is a very easy keeper. Priced way below value, but we just want to find her a good home, as that has been our goal all along.

    Owen--Eventing at Training Level

    Purchased by Kelly from Missouri, July 2009

    Owen has such a special story... We knew him as a very young horse in race training, and fell in love with him early on. Then he went through our working student program as a sales horse, eventing through Training Level with one of our working students. He was purchased by a student for her teenage daughter, but now the rider is off to college and can't take Owen with her. We love what an incredible heart he has, and how loving he is. Owen is a terrific mover and is very good looking. He has evented through the training level. He was 1st at Champagne Run on 29.0, and 2nd at the Team CEO HT at Training on 29.0. We are so excited for Kelly and Owen! *UPDATE* Kelly emails: "I just wanted to check in and let you know that Owen is doing wonderful! Everyone who meets him comments on how handsome and wonderful he is and I absolutely love having him. I took him to a schooling show and jumped around 2'6" to get to know him. Everything went great so I am looking forward to doing more hunter/jumper shows this fall/winter." Congrats on a great partnership!!!!

    Beep--Eventing Prospect

    Purchased by Katie from Indiana, June 2009

    Beep is a darling 7yo liver chestnut TB gelding who has a great future in eventing!!! Terrific feet and a great brain compliment his terrific jump and adoreable frame.... He will be a terrific eventing prospect and have an outstanding future with an amateur or young rider!! ~~~~~ Congratulations to Katie of Indiana on the purchase of this terrific young man!

    Imaginary Case -- Eventing at Beginner Novice

    Purchased by Emily in Texas, June 2009

    Case dreams of a life as an upper level event horse or jumper. He thinks he is allergic to wood! He is very honest, but he's also really careful... Even if you miss, he'll clear it! He has evented successfully at Beginner Novice with an amateur, placing 10th in the Open division with no show jumping or cross country jump faults. He has shown in hunter/jumper shows with good ribbons. Case is currently schooling 3' courses and has a natural flying lead change. He has virtually unlimited scope and very good technique. He shows great promise as an upper level jumper or eventer, yet is kind and simple enough to be ridden by an amateur. As sweet and cuddly and affectionate as they come. He travels very well, handles new situations, and loves attention. 3rd at Come Again Farm Novice Combined Test. 10th at Poplar Place Farm BN HT. 5th at Come Again Farm Beg Novice Combined Test. May 2009: Finished 3rd at Flying Cross HT on his dressage score, with ammy rider, finishing just behind two pros with his ammy rider aboard. Fabulous dressage test earned a 29 in dressage, finished on dressage score!!! June 2009: Finishes 5th at the Champagne Run Farm HT, with a 36 in dressage and double clean in all phases! ~~~~~ Congratulations to Emily of Texas on the purchase of Imaginary Case!!! ~~~~~~~ UPDATE: From an email from Emily, his new owner, on 12/9/09... "Just wanted to give you a little update on Case, he's doing great! We just finished up our hunter/jumper season, and on our very competitive local circuit he ended with a 5th place year end award in the 2'9" hunters after only showing three of the ten weekends this year.... He also came fourth in our horse trial this past weekend! It was cold and windy and rained all day [awesome eventing weather, right?] but he was a star about everything and did amazing....there isn't any other feeling in the world that matches riding this boy cross country! We're preparing for the move up to Novice this coming season and getting ready to start traveling a bit!" Team CEO Eventing is so excited for their successes!! Can't wait to hear more! He is now renamed from his track name to "Best Case Scenerio", which I think is fabulous!

    Fig Newton---eventing prospect--

    Purchased by Katie from Kentucky, April 2009

    Fig is a 5yo thoroughbred gelding who is fancy, fancy, fancy! Very good mover with exceptionally good trot and very free in the shoulder. Super typey with the prettiest head you’ll ever see! Fig is as nice of a mover as TB’s come…. He is very pretty and has three very nice gaits. Fig is a superstar on the flat, and has taken to training level dressage very easily. He is showing the potential to be a winner on the flat. Congratulations to Katie on the purchase of Fig.... It was love at first sight for both horse and rider!!!

    Scusami--eventing at Beginner Novice--

    Purchased by Kaylen from Tennessee, March 2009

    Biscuit captured our hearts... We broke Biscuit and introduced her to eventing, and she decided that she LOVED her new job!! Biscuit traveled the east coast with us, and proved that--whatever the state she stepped off the trailer into--she was a reliable star who always came through! She did her first horse trial at Paradise Farm, where she scored a 38 in dressage--even with an amateur rider aboard, riding against all the big time pros! She finished 10th in a huge division. Biscuit is a cross country star and LOVES to jump! She is a ˝ sister to our sales horse Permesso, who won 2 out of his first four horse trials. Sired by TK/TB stallion Elijah, who was Preliminary Horse of the Year. Out of a Trakehner dam by an Olympic showjumping sire. She is such a love that her rider even jumps her 2' courses bareback... Very trustworthy and kind. She is everything a mare should be! We are so excited that she has found her perfect partner in Kaylen!!! Together they are brilliant, and we are so looking forward to their successful career in eventing and pony club! ~~~~~~~~~~~ *UPDATE* Kaylen & Biscuit score 39.5 in dressage to finish on their dressage score at their first event together at Tryon!!

    Sommolier --Dressage Horse--

    Purchased by Michele from Kentucky, March 2009

    We are extremely excited about this flashy, talented young man. Sommolier is out of a Honor Roll full-bred Trakehner mare who was imported from Germany. He is sired by the talented champion hunter ATA stallion Musing, whom he is a carbon copy of! Sommolier is an extravagent, flashy mover with tons of suspension and tons of chrome. He is built to be an excellent dressage horse, with nice gaits, uphill build, and a gorgeous type. He is a horse any owner would be proud of! Congratulations to Michele! She and Sandy are going to be an amazing dressage team!

    Wasabi --Eventing at Starter--

    Purchased by Heather from Kentucky, December 2008

    Megan’s favorite… Wasabi is a star in everything he does. Great at shows, easy and well behaved. Has done it all—bareback, hunters, eventing, indoors & out, hacks brilliantly. Wonderful rhythmic canter, can be ridden on the buckle. Beautiful form over fences. Very pretty and fancy and flashy!! Great for petite adult, or pony club with a junior! Loves to jump, loves water, laughs at anything difficult like ditches & banks. Could be the next Theodore O’Connor.

    Au Contraire ~Eventing at Training~

    Purchased by Deidre from Texas, November 2008

    Congratulations to Deidre on the purchase of our very popular boy, Au Contraire! Beefcake made quite a wave at Team CEO, carrying MANY of our riders to their first beginner novices, their first novices, their first trainings. He helped so many of us gain confidence and a love for the sport... We have always trusted him to carry riders from 6yo to 60yo, and everything in between, and I can happily say that he's never let us down. He has worn so many hats--how many horses could take a young rider to her first Preliminary CT one weekend (and ribbon!), and the next weekend fill in for lesson horses at Pony Camp??? Beef will always be remembered for his incredibly tolerance, his infinite patience, and his fancy jump. He had the most remarkable ability to give any rider confidence... I can recall putting dozens of students on him, all with great success! Deidre is going to adore him as much as we do! His new owner sent us these updates on Beef, who is now called Poo Bear: This one is from just a week or two after arrival: "Hey Megan, Thought you all might like an update on Beef. I've nick-named him Bear (Pooh Bear/Teddy Bear), but his 'official' name is still Au Contraire. We're doing great. I haven't gotten to ride him as much as I would like due to work... but when I have ridden him I've really enjoyed it! Tell everyone that knows Beef that he is much loved and I think he's happy here (at least I hope he is!). Even though I haven't ridden him a ton, he is being ridden by my trainer and has made new friends in the turn-out. My trainer loves him as does everyone at the barn (especially the barn employees, they LOVE Bear 'cause he's so easy to take care of and handle). Hope all is well with you guys. Deirdre" And this is after he's been in TX for a month: "Megan, Just an update, we went to our first XC school together yesterday (Sunday). There was another Belgian draft cross there, he was only 3 yrs. old and much larger and draftier then Bear. Anyway, Bear was a super star! He even provided 'leads' to a TB that had never been XC and was refusing a lot. Everyone thought Bear was a doll and he was much admired. Thanks! Deirdre. "

    Permesso ~Winner of 2 horse trials in 2008!~

    Purchased by Sydney Elliot from Louisiana, November 2008

    Congratulations to Sydney on the purchase of our beloved Linguine! Linguine was the WINNER of Bluegrass Pony Club HT Open Beginner Novice with amateur rider. 31 in dressage, clear XC, clean SJ. And you know what? He repeated that feat just a few weeks later... WINNER of Flying Cross Farm HT Senior Beginner Novice with amateur rider, earning a 24.5 in dressage, with a 9 point lead after dressage. Double clear XC and SJ to win his division on an amazing score of 24.5!! Also this fall, 3rd place at Jumpstart HT with a 39 in dressage (we were late for dressage, so still earned a great score with no warmup!) double clean xc, double clean sj in an open division against all the pros. Very fancy and easy on the flat. Happy mouth snaffle in all phases. Easy and quiet. SINCE HER PURCHASE: 1st at Pine Hill Spring HT at Novice, finishing on 35.0 dressage score. 3rd at Holly Hill HT in Novice Horse, with a dressage score of 26.0. 1st at Texas Lions Camp HT at Novice, with a 26.5 finishing score. 2nd at Poplar Place Farm HT in Open Training, with a 34.0 dressage score. 3rd at Champagne Run at the Park in Open Training, finishing on 36.3. Congratulations on a wildly successful partnership! 3rd at Novice Horse at American Eventing Championships, 2009, finishing on 29.5!!!! 1st at Area V Training Level Championships 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Zack Attack ~Eventing~

    Purchased by Micki McDaniel from Kentucky, November 2008

    Congratulations to The McDaniel Family on the purchase of Zack Attack! Zack is an aged welsh pony who has been a star for years. He developed Eliza Van Dissel into an eventing rider, then developed Joe Goodwin. He has been integral in the education of these stars! He is a very good first pony and enjoys trail riding and teaching w/t/c. You know this pony is well-loved when the kids in the barn are throwing him a good-bye party before he leaves, as they'll miss him so much!! I know that Zack will be an amazing Christmas present to both of his new riders!! Congratulations to The McDaniels on the purchase of this wonderful Christmas pony, and to The Goodwins on the sale of their excellent, beloved pony. Micki rode to us after buying Zack: "Megan -Just wanted to pass along how well Zack did yesterday. We surprised the kids right after school. I think it was better than Christmas morning! They both rode him in our small paddock, and my daughter Grace walked and trotted him around one of our bigger fields. He was such a good pony - there was alot of activity, including our neighbor's 4 wheeler buzzing around next door. He is going to be perfect for us. We built him a new stall in the barn, and she was up early to take care of him. This is a big deal - she hates to get up! I think he loved the attention. I am attaching a couple of picks - thanks again for all of your help....It was great to finally meet you and I am sure you will see more of the McDaniels! Micki"

    Triscuit ~Foxhunting Prospect~

    Purchased by Katie from Kentucky, November 2008

    Congratulations to Katie on the purchase of Triscuit! Triscuit is a wonderful Belgian/Thoroughbred cross that is destined for the foxhunting market. He has the most wonderful work ethic and the most wonderful brain! He is a star on the farm and off, and has gained much respect from the working students as the easiest young horse you could ever hope for! I am so excited for this wonderful pair--they were an instant hit and were love at first sight from both directions. Triscuit loves Katie! I am so excited for this pair.

    Spot Treatment ~Preliminary CCI*~

    Purchased by Terri Schulte of Arizona, October 2008

    Ziggy is incredibly special.... He is our farm logo, and the photo printed on our business cards. He's a very special boy! This young man went preliminary as a 5yo and became an unflappable upper level packer at just 7yo. He will always be adored by everyone at Team CEO Eventing, but we know that he and Terri will be absolutely brilliant. He was the winner of Champagne Run MT and Octoberfest Preliminary CT, as well as recently placing 3rd at Midsouth Pony Club HT and 4th at Indiana HT Intermediate/Preliminary. He consistently wins the dressage, and is a cross country machine. He has been consistently show jumping clean as well. An amazing young horse with an amazing future!! He has already been featured in the Appaloosa Journal, and has quite the following here in area 8. There have been many tears shed as we decided to sell Ziggy to Arizona, but only because he is such an amazing boy!

    The Aristocrat *Training*

    Purchased by Hannah Goodwin of Kentucky, October 2008

    Vaughn is a very wonderful guy... He has taken quite a few of our working students around their first Training Level horse trials, and really found his niche with Sam in spring of 2008 and Jane in summer of 2008, showing each the ropes. He is as pretty as you'll ever find a horse to be, and has the most incredibly kind temperament. Hannah is only 12 years old and is moving up from her 13h pony to 17.1h Vaughn, and quite successfully! After two successful years at the Training Level, Vaughn is now ready to show Hannah the ropes! Hannah and Vaughn debut at Jumpstart HT, where the pair jump clean on XC and clean in SJ!! They had a beautiful weekend. Hannah is having a great time learning all of Vaughn's excellent buttons, and the pair are absolutely adoreable. Congratulations!

    The Sandpiper *Training*

    Purchased by Annie Skaggs of Kentucky, July 2008

    Thatcher is an amazing horse and has been a very special addition to Team CEO Eventing. He evented at Training level with us, developing WS Sarah MacHarg and WS Ashley Sager at the Training Level very successfully. He took our WS Jane Papke to her first Preliminary CT! Thatcher has schooled with us very successfully to the Intermediate level, and became an excellent schoolmaster for many of the Team CEO riders. We are thrilled that Annie Skaggs has purchased this very special guy. Annie and Thatcher finish in 2nd place in their very first outing together at the Bluegrass Pony Club Horse Trials in 9/2008! Congratulations!

    2nd at Bluegrass Pony Club HT with new owner Annie SkaggsJu
    4th at Sporting Days HT in Open Training with student Sarah Macharg aboard
    7th at Spring Bay Farm HT in NOvice with student Ashley Sager aboard
    8th at Poplar Place HT in Training with student Sarah Macharg aboard
    9th at Champagne Run HT in Training with student Ashley Sager aboard

    Jiminey Cricket *Novice*

    Purchased by Sarah Horton of North Carolina, April 2008

    Cricket has enjoyed several years at Team CEO Eventing, acting as our resident expert on everything! He has developed many, many of our riders with confidence and grace, and given them the fundamentals to be successful in eventing as they move up and up through the levels. We will always remember him for giving so many CEO riders their start... Hannah Goodwin, Lindsey Oaks, Lauren Donahoo, Ali Lopez, Michael Goodwin, Eliza Van Dissel, Belinda McCredie... What an amazing horse. He is headed to the warm, beautiful state of North Carolina where his new owner Sarah Horton is awaiting his arrival! We know that they will be a tremendous team, and will have a wonderful life together. We owe so much to our beloved gray friend, who has been so incredibly reliable and trustworthy over the years. Best wishes to the new pair--we know they will absolutely love each other!

    Notting Hill *Preliminary*

    Purchased by Lexy Funk of Bellevue Idaho, January 2008

    We have spent three years developing Notting Hill into an amazing event horse... He has been SO rewarding! He is a breathtakingly gorgeous horse with fabulous movement and an amazing, amazing jump. He is a brother to Direct Impact, who is a simply fabulous horse that we sold recently as well. Notting Hill is eventing at Preliminary and showing tremendous international potential! We never had much interest in selling him (we'd rather take him advanced ourselves!) but we have found the ideal partner for him... Congratulations to young rider Lexy Funk of Idaho on the purchase of this outstanding young horse! They'll be cleaning up on the West Coast in 2008!!! The pair is aimed for a CCI* this fall and will be absolutely brilliant. This photo is from Lexy's second ride on Aiden, taken by her mother Candy. They already look fabulous together!

    1st at 2009 The Event at Rebecca Farm in Training, 36.3 dressage FODS with new owner Lexy Funk
    1st at 2008 The Event at Rebecca Farm in Training, 31.6 dressage FODS with new owner Lexy Funk
    2nd at 2007 Kentucky Classique HT in Open Training, 36.8 dressage adding just 0.8 xc time, with Megan Moore aboard
    3rd at 2007 Sporting Days Farm HT in Open Training, 32.0 dressage with Megan Moore aboard
    5th at 2007 River Glen Spring HT in Open Training with Megan Moore aboard 7th at 2007 Gemwood HT in Open Training with Megan Moore aboard

    Paparazzi *Beg Novice*

    Purchased by Ashley Jones of Lexington KY December 2007

    Congratulations on the purchase of Pickle! Pickle is incredibly special to us, as he has been a fabulous horse! Julie evented him at BN, developing stellar dressage skills. He's an incredibly clean and honest jumper, so this definitely made him the whole package. We're thrilled that our wonderful youngster is now in such great hands! We can't wait for competitive updates next year! Ashley's mom Susan emailed us after their first Cross Country scholing: " Pickle was perfect the whole day. He is so kind and he never stops. Ashley just loves him! Thanks again, Susan" This is a photo of Ashley and Pickle schooling together soon after his purchase...WOW! Thanks to Susan Jones for sharing the great photo!

    Abstract Art *Beg Novice*

    Purchased by Casey Faulconer of Lexington KY, Consigned by Team CEO

    In August 2007 we consigned a brilliant paint mare and sold her to our student Casey Faulconer. She was green at the time, but showing a world of promise with brilliant gaits and a fabulous build. Casey has molded her into a brilliant young eventer! At just 4yo, Abby is already schooling Novice and Training very successfully. We are thrilled to see what tremendous achievements Casey and Abby earn in the spring, and it is a joy and a thrill to watch them grow.

    Colin *Novice*

    Purchased by Hannah George of Roanoake, Virginia. We're looking forward to see what great things this young rider will do with our boy!

    Congratulations to Hannah on her purchase of Colin! The pair WON the Team CEO Mock 3day at Beginner Novice in their first outing together!

    Ditto Wap Do *Novice*

    Purchased by Laurie McEwen of Hays, Kansas

    Congratulations to B&L Horse Ranch on their purchase of Ditto!

    Dylan *Beg Novice*

    Purchased by Virginia Reesor of Louisville KY

    Congratulations to Virginia on the purchase of her Dylan! Dylan was the winner of Summerschool CT in 2006 and placed 2nd at the Team CEO CT. Now he's off to a future of eventing! We're excited to see the new partnership!

    Othello *Beginner Novice*

    Purchased by Hope Goodwin of Georgetown KY

    Congratulations to Hope on the purchase of her first horse, Othello! The pair has already had a very successful start in just their first week together, placing 6th on their dressage score at their first Combined Test! Then Othello went on to WIN the Team CEO HT at Starter! Othello went on to ribbon with Hope's 6yo son Joe at the Antebellum CT in August 2007! In 9/2008, Hope and Othello finish a fabulous 3rd place at the Bluegrass Pony Club Horse Trials!

    Wilder Than Syn *Training*

    Purchased by Eliza Van Dissel of Lexington KY

    Congratulations to Eliza on the purchase of her new best friend... Owen evented through Training with us, and he and Eliza already have their sights eventing this summer!

    Never Stop Dreaming *Advanced*

    Purchased for the Belgian Olympic Team

    We are certainly sad to see our Advanced Level Event Horse "Never Stop Dreaming" head off to Europe, but we know he'll be doing great things... They have him aimed at the European Championships this year! He completed a CCI*** in Europe with his new rider with a clean XC and keeps moving forward... Congratulations!

    Esprit d'Cor *Starter*

    Purchased by John & Annie Skaggs of Lexington KY

    Congratulations to John on the purchase of Bingley! Bingley is a full brother to Coup d'Tat (see below) and a superstar in his own right! We are very excited to see this pair progress! Annie is a student here at Team CEO, and we are very excited for John to be joining us! The new family says: "John is having a blast with him...Thanks for finding such a prince for him." -Annie *UPDATE* John & Coup d'Tat place 4th in their first CT together, finishing on their dressage score!

    Cinnamon Super Son *Beg Novice*

    Purchased by Kim Branscom of Louisville KY

    Sunny was bred and raised by Howard Moore, the co-owner of Team CEO Eventing. Howard personally broke Sunny to ride. He is a big, gorgeous dappled palomino with a great mind. Congratulations to Kim on the purchase of Sunny! The two have been eventing at the Beginner Novice level together, and doing brilliantly.

    Dip N Dots *Jumpers*

    Purchased by Laura of OH

    Congratulations to Laura on the purchase of Twinkie (aka Sonny) !! Twinkie competed in H/J while he was here, earning a Reserve Championship at Lakeside! He was a winner in the Jumpers and an absolute XC packer. Twinkie warmed our hearts while he was here, and became a barn favorite with the working students. We will miss our beautiful boy, but know he will be well loved!

    La Fantaisie *Preliminary*

    Purchased by Julie Esposito of OH

    Congratulations to Julie on the purchase of Gina! Julie is one of our working students, and has been riding Gina since her arrival at Team CEO. The pair love each other dearly, and we expect big things in the time to come! Congratulations to owner (our farrier) John Norris for producing such an exciting horse! *UPDATE* Julie & Gina win the Team CEO Prelim CT finishing on their dressage score! Julie and Gina successfully completed their first Preliminary Horse Trial together at Gemwood HT 2007.

    High Octane *Starter*

    Purchased by Carly Roberts of TN

    Congratulations to Carly on the purchase of Izzy! Izzy is a half sister to Megan's horse The Grasshopper, for whom we have outstanding hopes! Carly and Izzy have a great future ahead of them, and will debut in Area 3 in the spring! Her new owner says: "I love Izzy!! I have ridden her twice since I bought her and she's great!! I think we'll be moving along quite quickly!! Thank you so much!! :) " We hope to look for these two at NAYRC in the future!

    Willy BA Charley Horse *Training*

    Purchased by Wendy Kilgore of Lexington KY

    Congratulations to Wendy on the purchase of Willy! Willy is a Training Level Eventer. On March 25, just shortly after his sale, Willyearned two second place finishes for his new owner with a 65.22% and a 63.5% in Training Level at the Spring Run Dressage Show! Congratulations to this new pair!

    Direct Impact *Novice*

    Purchased by Jeannie Blancq Putney of Prospect KY

    Hooray! Our amazing "Mr Perfect" has sold, and will be staying in the barn! Congratulations to Jeannie on the purchase of one of our all-time favorite horses. This guy was competed by Team CEO student Allison Zeitlin (13yo) in 2006 with fantastic results, and all dressage scores between 28.0-39.0!! Colin is amazing, and knows his tempi changes! We are very excited for Jeannie and Colin to begin eventing in 2007!

    Missed a Spot *Novice*

    Purchased by Hannah Goodwin of Georgetown KY

    Pongo is an amazing pony, having evented successfully as well as schooling 3'9" in our bareback puissance! The new pair has already ribboned in hunters at Lakeside Arena and successfully debuted in Hannah's first BN at Spring Bay with a clean round! They repeated that by finishing on their dressage score at May Daze HT at BN... And Hannah is just 9yo!

    Coup de'tat *Training*

    Purchased by Angela Pascuzzi of Lexington KY

    Angela and Goose ribboned in their first event together, and successfully moved up to Novice in his second event ever! His new owner says, "Goose has been doing amazingly well since i bought him. His flat work is comng along nicely and he is the boldest jumper i have ever ridden. Everyday he does something quirky to make me laugh. For a four year old he is an amazing horse and i look forward to starting to compete him!" Angela and Goose just finished 3rd at Training at the Team CEO CT!

    Top Gun *Training*

    Purchased by Kaitlyn McClain of Lexington KY

    Top Gun has successfully evented through Training. Just 24 hours after his purchase, Top Gun and his new rider placed 2nd at Octoberfest CT with a 31.5 in dressage! The new owner writes: "I just wanted to let you know that Top Gun is doing great. He has settled into his new home. Kaitlyn is really enjoying him and they are riding almost every day. Mav is truly a sweet horse." Update! This pair WINS the Midway CT!!!!!!!

    Enchantez *Intermediate*

    Purchased by Lindsey Oaks of Georgia

    Enchantez is successfully competing at Intermediate!! They placed 6th at their first Prelim at Sporting Days HT in March 2007. Lindsey says: "I am so pleased with Taylor. Thank you for helping me find my boy, I can't wait to see what the future holds for us!" This pair was 9th in the CCI* at Hagyards Midsouth Three Day in 2007. In addition, they were 2nd in the National Young Rider Team CCI* Championship, 6th in the National Amateur CCI* Championship, and 7th in the National 19-21 CCI* Championship!!

    Crimson Tide *Novice*

    Purchased by Jessi Briland of Huntington WV

    Dibalo and his new owner made a big splash at Greater Dayton HT, finishing an impressive 4th in their first Novice HT! Jessi writes: "Thanks to Team Ceo- Megan Moore and the generosity of the Goodwin family, I have found my best friend. Dibalo and I really get along together; I couldn't ask for a better horse. Training with Megan has especially helped us with Dressage and my confidence. Thanks again Team Ceo and the Goodwin family!!"

    Spring Loaded *Preliminary*

    Purchased by Allison Zeitlin of Lexington KY

    Spring Loaded has already had a successful Training Level eventing career at the age of 4. Only two weeks after purchasing him from Team CEO, Spring Loaded and new owner Allison Zeitlin finished 4th on his dressage score of 36.3 at Team Challenge HT! Allison writes: "Alex is a wonderful addition to our family! He has a great and loving personality and we get along really well! I was suprised that as a four year old thoroughbred, we could jump prelim and intermediate fences our first time going cross-country. We have both made great improvements and I am totally pumped about the upcoming years with him! I am so happy to have such a talented and just plain awesome horse! Thanks!" Look for this pair as they aim for NAYRC in the years to come! UPDATE! Ali & Alex win the Team CEO CT at Training on an amazing dressage score of 15.0! UPDATE! Ali and Alex finish 2nd in a big class of warmbloods at the Indiana HT Young Event Horse Class, and receive their first qualifying score towards the 5yo Young Event Horse National Championship Show this fall!!! UPDATE! Ali and Alex complete their first Preliminary HT at Jumpstart 2007, and even more impressively since Ali is only 14yo and Alex is only 5yo.

    Riverwatch *National Champion AHHA Eventer, Champion Hunter*

    Purchased by Carrie Dahmer of Lexington KY

    Riverwatch was 2005 AHHA Novice Event Horse of the Year! After winning numerous horse trials, he is now an A Hunter. In 2006 alone, he won the Gemwood Young Event Horse 5yo competition, Indiana HT, and Gemwood HT. An amazing competitor and an amazing individual. He just received a Championship in the Baby Green division in fall 2007.

    Darcy *Novice*

    Purchased by Allan Northcutt of Prospect KY

    This beautiful young guy evented through Training with us, and is now a favorite foxhunter for his owner. He has completed Flying Cross HT at Novice as well as Hagyards Midsouth Team Challenge at Novice with his new home!

    Riptide *Novice*

    Purchased by Dr. Mike Sekela of Versailles KY

    Riptide and his new owner are off to a great start, finishing 2nd at Midsouth PC HT! His owner says: "He's been out hunting several times and is definitely able to close the gap when gallop is required giving chase."

    Good Man Adam *Novice*

    Purchased by Kara Andrews of OH

    Good Man Adam is successfully eventing at the Novice Level. He was the WINNER of Winona HT and placed 3rd at both Spring Bay HT and South Farm HT. He is now competing at Novice with his new owner, and they adore him!

    Malalco *Prospect*

    Purchased by Kara Andrews of OH

    Malalco is now a fantastic amateur horse, just as sweet as he can be.

    Appletini *Prospect*

    Sold to Indiana

    Apple is an amazing mare, with tons of scope.

    Trivial Pursuit *Intermediate*

    Purchased by Mollie Zobel of IL

    This very, very talented young man ran Prelim as a 5yo with Team CEO. He was then purchased by advanced level event rider Mollie Zobel to be her next international horse. The pair most recently finished 3rd in the OP at Paradise Farm HT. UPDATE!! Congratulations to Mollie and Mikey!! The pair just finished their first Intermediate Horse Trial together, and at the tender young horse age of 7yo!!!! Congratulations! UPDATE! This Pair finishes 4th at Pine Top Intermediate!

    If by Chance *Training*

    Purchased by Laura Mungioli Of Michigan

    If By Chance is now competing at the Training Level with his new rider! They finished 2nd at Encore HT in June, and 3rd at Champagne Run HT in July! Congratulations to this wonderful pair. They also finished 4th at River Glen HT at Training in 8/07 and 3rd at Richland Park HT at Training in 8/07. *UPDATE*! Laura and If By Chance are on the WINNING team at the Chronicle of the Horse Adult Team Championships at Training! Congratulations!!

    Chief Executive Officer *Preliminary, Year End Champion*

    Purchased by Kris Niessen of Ovid MI

    Chief Executive Officer is the namesake for Team CEO Eventing. He was 1997 MSEDA Event Horse of the YEar and that year won Jumpstart HT, Ha'Penny HT, and Team Challenge HT. He was a legend to us, an unbeatable and unmistakeable force and a gentleman who started the legacy of Team CEO Eventing. He won countless HT and year end awards.

    Vanilla Sky *Training*

    Purchased by Stephanie James of Auburn AL

    Vanilla Sky has evented through Training and now competes with one of our previous working students! Most recently, the pair was 5th at Sporting Days HT at Novice!

    Premonition *Novice*

    Purchased by Maggie Mulherin of Columbus OH

    Premonition evented through Novice with Team CEO, then became a successful hunter.

    Merely Happenstance *Training*

    Purchased by Katherine Wright of Burmingham AL

    Merely Happenstance competed to Training with Team CEO. He and Katherine were 4th at Poplar Place HT. He was 2nd at Weave a Dream HT.

    Against All Odds *Dressage Winner*

    Purchased by Donna Byers of Colorado

    Odie is a fantastic dressage horse, showing at 1st level.

    Options Open *Training*

    Purchased by Carolyn Brock of Lexington KY

    Options Open evented through Training, finishing 5th at Mayfest HT.

    Knight Deer *Novice*

    Sold to Eventers in WV

    Knight Deer is a highly successful event horse, and a winner at Jumpstart HT.

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