Megan's Competition Horses



2007 16h chestnut TB gelding

Eventing at Preliminary Level

After the sudden loss of Megan's best friend Grasshopper, Promisemethemoon came into Megan's life. Megan was schooling horses at the Maker's Mark Secretariat Center when she met Moon. He absolutely picked her out, and with his big brown eyes and batting eyelashes, he insisted he come home with us. Thanks to the fantastic folks a the Secretariat Center, that idea came to fruition on April 28, 2012. In May 2012, Moon began competing at the Beginner Novice level and proved to us that he wanted to be an event horse. He continued progressing through the levels in his first year of eventing, culminating the 2012 season by WINNING his last 2012 outing at River Glen HT in November. In 12 months, he progressed from his first event to jumping clean around his first Preliminary HT.

We are so incredibly proud of our hot, spicy little redheaded TB. He is as hot and opinionated as the day is long, and has just the right attitude to be a great event horse. Most of all, Moon came into Megan's life at just the right time to help with the loss of her Grasshopper. Horse Illustrated began a series on Moon's development with their January 2013 issue---be sure to check it out to learn more about Moon. We are so excited for his future!

  • 1st at May Daze HT May 2015 Open Preliminary
  • 1st at River Glen HT November 2012 Training Level
  • 5th at Greater Dayton HT May 2014, Open Preliminary
  • 6th at Midsouth PC HT June 2015, Preliminary
  • 6th at Midsouth PC HT June 2012, Novice Level
  • 6th at Midsouth PC HT June 2013, Preliminary
  • 6th at Cobbleston HT July 2013, Preliminary Level
  • 7th at Flying Cross HT 2012 Training Level
  • 9th at Jumpstart HT 2012, Training Level
  • 10th at River Glen HT August 2012, Training Level

  • Moon

    Quick Silver

    2007 Bay ISH Gelding by Cult Hero

    Eventing at Preliminary Level

    Megan was trying horses for clients in Ireland in 2015 when she met Mooney Maguire. Though she didn't have the right client for him, she wanted to sit on him anyway and it was love at first sight. Maguire's impish, cheeky attitude has completely won Megan over, and thanks to some wonderful family members, Maguire has become a part of the family too.


    Master Mind

    2008 17h bay ISH gelding by Kings Master (Master Imp)

    Eventing at Training Level

    Guinness was another case of love at first sight. He is quirky as his breeding would suggest, and it took time for him to settle into the routine at Team CEO. Guinness is as talented in all three phases as he is particular. This pair had a great winning season in 2015 with three wins in four starts. We are looking forward to exciting things with this fabulous horse!

  • 1st at Poplar Place Farm Novice, Feb 2014
  • 1st at Spring Bay HT Training, April 2014
  • 1st at Derbyshire HT Training, June 2014

  • Miller

    Master Miller

    2010 Grey ISH Gelding by Stormhill Miller

    Eventing at Beginner Novice Level

    Miller seems to have missed the memo that he's not a child's pony or an overgrown puppy. As cute as he is cuddly, the "baby elephant" as he is affectionately called is taking to eventing like a fish to water. Miller is fun to be around every day, and is showing tons of talent to go along with his one in a million personality.


    Master Class

    2008 Bay ISH Gelding

    Eventing at Novice Level

    Paddy is the opportunity of a lifetime... This horse has all the serious pieces, being a brilliant mover and extravagent, powerful jumper. The chance to ride such a nice horse was an incredibly kind opportunity from his owner... Paddy has had an exciting first season eventing, including a win at May Daze Horse Trials! Paddy just keeps getting better every day and we are so excited to see where he will go!


    Ballysimon Cavalier

    2010 Pinto ISH Gelding

    Eventing at Novice Level

    Simon is Mr. Unexpected... He just keeps surprising us around every corner. His color makes him playful and unique, but he just keeps bringing so many more attributes to the table! Simon is a seriously exciting young event horse... He combines an incredible kind, trainable temperament with extravagent movement and the jump of a show hunter. What an exciting young horse to bring along!!


    Alter Ego

    2010 Ch ISH Gelding by Loguehoe Guy

    Eventing at Training Level

    We have never owned a more exciting young horse than Alter Ego! This exciting 5yo is brave and scopey with an amazing, effortless gallop and all the desire in the world to be a serious upper level horse for the future! Now to find a way to keep him off the sales list for that long!



    2006 Bay Blanket App Gelding by Wapuzzan

    Eventing at Intermediate Level

    Wapentake is an iconic fixture in area 8 eventing! Team CEO's assistant trainer has progressed through the levels with the spotted wonder, now competing at the Intermediate level successfully. Together they were 2nd in the Midsouth Team Challenge Preliminary Three Day Event and recently finished 5th at May Daze Intermediate Level. We are so proud of them as they work their way up the grades!


    Loguestown Lass

    2008 16h black ISH mare

    Eventing at Preliminary

    Megan wasn't particularly looking for a young horse when she stumbled upon Lola in Katie Ruppel's yard in Florida, but she was an instant fit. This sassy little black mare from Michigan is hot as a pepper and opinionated as the day is long, but has everything it takes to be a serious upper level eventer. Megan and Andrea have fought over the sassy Irish Princess, but currently Andrea is winning that match and competing our favorite black mare at the Preliminary level this year!

    Past Legends at Team CEO

    Randy at Richland Park Advanced HT

    Never Stop Dreaming

    1996 17h Bay Thoroughbred Gelding

    Evented at Advanced

    Never Stop Dreaming will forever be a legend at Team CEO. Megan purchased him as a 6yo who had not raced, and brought him along all the way from his first BN through success at the Advanced Level. Their career was highlighted by a clean cross country round at the Radnor CCI**, and advanced placings at many outings, including 3rd at Maui Jim Advanced HT. They also placed 2nd at River Glen HT at Intermediate, 3rd at Midsouth PC HT at Preliminary, and 3rd at Flying Cross HT at Preliminary, to name but a few. They had a clean cross country round in every Advanced Level HT they ever contested, a great feat for any upper level horse, but especially for a backyard thoroughbred and an under-25yo rider. Their only two eliminations in their entire career together were both technical eliminations. Never Stop Dreaming was the winner of the Maui Jim Intermediate Level HT with Megan Moore, and then when we loaned him to our coach Michael Pollard on a last minute catch ride to fill his blank entry, the pair won the Beaulieu Intermediate Level HT. Randy and Megan had a long and successful career together, and we feel so blessed to have him in our lives. We sold him in 2007 to the Belgium Olympic Team, where he continues to compete in international level eventing for their team. We wish him the best, and though we miss him dearly, we know he is successful and well loved.

    Nemo at Flying Cross HT

    Widespread Panic

    2001 16.2h TB G

    Eventing at Advanced & CIC***

    Nemo is an incredibly special horse... He was named to the 2009 Developing Riders List, and competed successfully through the advanced level with Megan. Nemo developed at Team CEO from a 3 year old off the track to an advanced level event horse. He topped the Intermediate leaderboard for 2011 for USEA Area 8 and won numerous intermediate horse trials. In 2012 Nemo was sold to our wonderful student Emma Tilghman who is learning and growing with him and moving up the levels on their own right. We are very excited for this partnership, which started off with a bang with a win at Jumpstart HT in their first year together. We are also pleased to have purchased Nemo's dam, who is now the foundation mare in our breeding herd. Notes on Nemo over the years... Nemo is such a special horse.... We have raised him very carefully, and he has grown to have the most wonderful passion for his job. He truly truly loves his job. He is the most happy, enthusiastic horse I have ever known. He is fresh off a 16th place finish out of 80 starters at the 2009 Fair Hill International CCI** in October 2009.... He was an absolute warrior to brave 40-degree weather and inches of rain, and come through the entire competition happy, confident, sound, and loving his job! He had a terrific dressage score of 55.0, with just 25 time on XC as we took it slow and careful. He had a terrific show jumping round with just 1 rail to finish in 16th place!!!!

    History... He had a superb FEI debut Wayne HT in July 2007, finishing a fantastic 11th in his first ever CIC**! In 2007, Nemo finished 5th at Midsouth Team Challenge Preliminary on his dressage score of 39. Then it was off to the Ocala CCI**. He is really coming along in the dressage, but his skill is truly the cross country, where he ate up the big, technical course. He cleared everything with ease, including FIVE corners, for a clear round with just a couple time. He finished a fabulous 17th of 45, and with a qualifying score! What a fabulous horse. Then in March 2008 , he successfully moved up to the Advanced Level with 42 in dressage his first time out (with an error), double clear in show jumping, and clean on xc with just a few time! All in his first ever Advanced!!! With the wonderful help of Kim Severson and Reese Koffler-Stanfield, he has become well confirmed at the advanced level and is getting better on the flat every day. Nemo is the love of my life... I am very proud that I bought him off the track as a 3yo and have done all of the work on him... It makes the journey so much sweeter.

    Recent placings: 1st at River Glen Intermediate April 2012. 1st at River Glen Intermediate November 2011. USEA Area 8 Intermediate Champion 2011. 1st at Kentucky Classique Advanced Level CT. 4th at Winona HT Preliminary. 3rd at Indiana EA HT Intermediate Preliminary. 5th at Midsouth Team Challenge HT Preliminary. 3rd at Midsouth HT Preliminary. 5th at Maui Jim CIC***. 4th at Poplar Place HT Intermediate Preliminary. 1st at Paul Frazier Preliminary CT 2009. 1st at River Glen Intermediate HT 2009. 2nd at Maui Jim HT in Open Preliminary against 26 horses, finishing on dressage score of 31 just a point off the win. 2nd at Hunters Run HT 2009 in Open Intermediate. 10th at Richland Park CIC** 2009. 2nd at Flying Cross HT Open Preliminary 2009, with dressage of 26.3. Results for 2010: 3rd at Spring Bay HT Preliminary, 35 in dressage, DC SJ.


    The Grasshopper

    2000 16.2h TB G

    Eventing at Intermediate

    Hopper was the horse of a lifetime for Megan. He was her heart horse, the perfect partner who never let her down and taught her so much... Hopper progressed from the killer truck to the Advanced level of eventing. He was an amazing partner and a very best friend. Hopper passed away in February 2012, all too soon, and we will always mourn the loss of our very best friend.
    Hopper becomes the first horse in the country to earn his Gold Medal for Preliminary Eventing with the USEA!!!!
    Hopper has the most amazing story... We purchased him from the killer truck in the winter of 2005/2006. He was labeled as "dangerous, unrideable, and aggressive" and the dealer wisely refused to sell him, fearing someone would be hurt. Though he was healthy, sound, and well-cared for, he was extremely agressive towards men. But he and Megan bonded instantly, and while pinning his ears at all the boys, he just softly looked at Megan and batted his gorgeous eyelashes. We begged and pleaded with the seller until he conceded, and the trilogy of Hopper began. He began eventing that spring and, despite the fact that he was mostly grouchy and hateful, he and Megan loved each other. They hit it off instantly, as Megan trusted him from the first moment they met, and Hopper has always appreciated being respected and well-treated. Megan loves him so very much--he is as kind as any horse she's ever known. He finished 23rd at the Fair Hill International CCI** in October 2009, out of 80 starters!!

    Hopper completed his first CCI* at Hagyards Midsouth CCI, finishing 9th in the CCI* Open!! He started off the 2008 season by having fabulous runs at Intermediate at Pine Top in February and March, as well as having a great clean XC round at Red Hills CIC**. Megan will always love that not only did she save his life, but her $600 horse that she purchased with her own hard-earned money grew up to be able to compete successfully at the upper levels. Talk about a cinderella story! Recent placings include: 2nd at Midsouth Team Challenge HT 2008 at Preliminary with 31.3 in dressage. 2nd at Poplar Place Farm HT 2009 with 30.4 in dressage. ~~~~~ 8th at River Glen HT 2009 at Intermediate, winning the dressage in an impressive division! 2nd at Greater Dayton HT 2009 (missing the win by only 0.6 points) with a 33 in dressage. ~~~~~ 2nd at Greater Dayton HT 2009... 33.0 in dressage for 2nd, one of only four horses to go double clean XC, just one rail in SJ. Finished second by 0.4 points. ~~~~~ 1st at Queeny Park HT 2009... 32 in dressage to win the dressage, one of only three horses to go double clean XC, just one rail in SJ for the second lowest fault OP SJ round of the day! Winning by TEN points. ~~~~ At Maui Jim HT in July 2009, finishing 6th of 21 horses in the CIC**, and is the first horse of the day to jump double clean around the SJ track, and one of only four to achieve that result. ~~~~ 11th at Richland Park CIC** 2009. One of only a couple of horses to jump double clean in Cross Country, making the time. ~~~ 2009 USEA Area 8 Preliminary Level Champion by winning the Area Championships at Flying Cross HT!!!

    Results for 2010: 1st at his season opener at Spring Bay HT Preliminary, 32 dressage winning the dressage despite being the 2nd horse into the ring for the entire show, finished on dressage score to win over a very nice field.

    Ziggy at Flying Cross HT

    Spot Treatment

    2001 15.2h Appaloosa G

    Eventing at Preliminary & CCI*

    Ziggy's name cannot cross our lips without giggling... He is the class clown of all of our horses. "Z" lives to entertain, and entertain he does! At just 15h, he is by far the smallest of all of our horses, and without an ounce of TB blood. He never ceases to amaze me, as I never expected him to be an upper level horse. Yet the size of his heart is only matched by the size of his personality, and he simply will not stop moving up! Ziggy proved to us all that Appaloosas really can do the long format!! In October 2007, he finished his first CCI* in 11th place in the CCI* Open at Hagyards Midsouth Three Day Event... We're so proud of our little spotty pony, as he puts his heart into everything he does... Hooray for Ziggy! Finished 3rd at Midsouth PC HT 2008 at Preliminary with 38 dressage, 4th fastest XC of the day, and double clean show jumping! We still own Ziggy, and he is currently being leased by one of our very special students and out competing actively.


    Probable Cause

    2003 16h Oldenburg/TB G

    Eventing at Preliminary & CCI*

    Probable Cause, also known as Basil, is an exceptionally talented individual. His sire, Radjah Z, was a renowned jumper and sired multiple Grand Prix Showjumpers, including one Olympic show jumping finalist. He is a very good mover, with a lofty suspended trot and an uphill, cadenced canter. He is one of those rare individuals who was born with so much scope and so much talent that he finds 4' to be a simple warmup fence. Basil inherited the best of both worlds, gaining the movement and jump of the Oldenburg and the incredible gallop, heart, and stamina of the thoroughbred. He LOVES to jump and adores cross country. Basil competed through the preliminary level with Megan as well as her working students, Chelsea Brant and Alison Zeitlin. Today, Basil has been purchased by a Team CEO student as she makes her way up the levels to the young rider rankings.


    Mood Indigo

    Appaloosa Gelding, 16.3h

    Eventing at the Preliminary Level, retired

    Indy is a 16.3h Colorado Rangerbred blanket gelding. Indy filled many shoes in his career with Team CEO, having competed through the preliminary level with students and becoming a schoolmaster for dressage and jumping. He won Bareback Puissance in numerous outings, jumping 5'3" with students aboard. He has taken many riders from nervous and lacking confidence into the ranks of proven event riders. He is a star in everything he does and definitely a barn favorite! Indy is definitely a favorite at Team CEO, with his incredible ability to help any rider progress. All in all, he takes great care of all of us, and has been an integral part in teaching our students. 2nd at May Daze HT 2009 with Bev Long, just 0.4 points from the WIN!!! He is an incredibly special individual, as he can jump a 4' course one day, and teach a beginner to trot the next. He is now happily retired (completely sound) and will spend his days at Team CEO.


    Mighty Mouse

    12.0h Pony Gelding

    Evented to the Novice level, retired

    Mighty Mouse is a legend at Team CEO. This 12h grade pony gelding piloted Megan to her very first horse trial in 1992. They had a wonderfully successful partnership, including three Kentucky State 4H Hunter and Dressage Championships. They were the winners of the Bluegrass State Games in 1992. The pair evented through Novice together, and only had one career rail in showjumping when Megan's foot hit the rail... Now that's when you know you have outgrown your pony! Their career culminated in their final event, where they lead the field start to finish to win on their dressage score of 19.0. Mighty Mouse spent the next two decades teaching the younger generation to ride as a schoolmaster at Team CEO. Today, he is happily retired and in his 30's, fat and happy and will live out his days with Mood Indigo in his much deserved retirement. He is still sound and very happy.