About Us

Megan Moore

Megan Moore is the head trainer and co-owner of Team CEO Eventing. She has been eventing for 18 years and has competed successfully at the Advanced Level. She completed extensive working student positions with highly regarded FEI dressage rider Linda Strine in Folsom, LA, and international CCI**** riders Nathalie Bouckaert and Michael Pollard in Chatsworth, GA. In addition, she has had instruction from Advanced level event riders Ian Stark, Holly Hepp, John Williams, Pam Watts, Robin Walker, Lucinda Green, Kim Severson, and Phillip Dutton. Megan also currently trains with Grand Prix dressage rider Reese Koffler-Stanfield.

Megan specializes in bringing along young horses from green through the highest levels of eventing, and has produced numerous upper level event horses, including Never Stop Dreaming (Advanced), Widespread Panic (Advanced), The Grasshopper (Advanced), Hail to the Chief (NAYRC, Intermediate), Spot Treatment (CCI*), Trivial Pursuit (Intermediate), Chief Executive Officer (Horse of the Year and Preliminar), Notting Hill (Preliminary), Trivial Pursuit (Preliminary), and Probable Cause (Preliminary).

Megan is also available for lessons and training... Megan specializes in instilling confidence in both horse and rider. Feel free to email us--we'd love to discuss your goals. Currently accepting new students to join our excellent, enthusiastic team! Please

Howard Moore

Howard is the incredible backbone of Team CEO Eventing. He is part owner of Team CEO LLC. Howard has his Masters degree from the University of Kentucky in Chemical Engineering, and works professionally as a Hydroprocessing Technologist for Marathon Petrolleum. On the side, he runs the 35-acre Hidden Hollow Farm in Ashland KY where our young horses spend their formative years. He frequently returns to UK to speak to college students, and is a sought after public speaker. He has donated considerable time to science programs in schools in eastern Kentucky over the years. In eventing, Howard represented Area 8 on the USEA Board of Governors for a number of years. Currently, he sits on the Board of Trustees for the Masterson Equestrian Trust. Howard enjoys traveling to all the horse shows to support each and every Team CEO rider. In addition, he is responsible for taking thousands of photos each year of the whole Team CEO Eventing gang!

Andrea Johnson

Andrea Johnson is the Barn Manager at Team CEO Eventing. She joined us in August 2010. In that time, she has progressed to eventing at the Preliminary level on our horses Wapentake and La Bien Vie. She is also eventing her own OTTB Pinot Grigio at the Training level. We are thrilled to have Andrea join us after her career as a successful gymnast. She brings with her not only great horsemanship, but a background in athletic training that she shares with us through our rider biomechanic workshops.

Megan's Competition Highlights

2013 So Far...

  • 1st Spring Bay HT on Fandango, ON
  • 2nd Derbyshire HT on Fandango, OT
  • 3rd Winona HT on Laissez Faire, ON
  • 4th Winona HT on Veni Vidi Vici, ON

  • 2012

  • PHR National Champion Upper Level Eventing--Widespread Panic
  • PHR National Champion--Intermediate Level--Widespread Panic
  • 1st River Glen Spring HT Intermediate--Widespread Panic
  • 1st Derbyshire HT OT--Spot Treatment
  • 1st River Glen HT November OT--Promisemethemoon
  • 1st Winona HT OT--Spot Treatment
  • 1st Derbyshire HT BN--Charmed Life
  • 2nd Lost Hounds HT OI--Widespread Panic
  • 3rd Spring Bay HT Novice--Nightfall
  • 3rd Derbyshire HT Novice--Nightfall
  • 3rd River Glen HT November BN--Veni Vidi Vici
  • 4th Southern Pines HT Training--Master Oliver
  • 5th River Glen HT November BN--Fandango
  • 5th Spring Bay HT Novice--Laissez Faire
  • 5th Spring bay HT Preliminary--Widespread Panic
  • 5th Champagne Run HT BN--Charmed Life
  • 5th Chatt Hills HT OI--Widespread Panic
  • 2011

  • Earned Bronze Medal in Dressage from USDF on Widespread Panic and The Grasshopper
  • Blue Ribbon Award from USEA (1st to 3rd 3x at Intermediate in one year) The Grasshopper
  • Blue Ribbon Award from USEA (1st to 3rd 3x at Intermediate in one year) Widespread Panic
  • 1st River Glen Fall HT Intermediate--Widespread Panic 28 dressage
  • 1st KY Classic HT Intermediate--The Grasshopper
  • 1st River Glen HT Intermediate--Widespread Panic (31.6)
  • 1st Gemwood HT BN--Lovesweet Love (28.6)
  • 1st Queeny Park HT BN--Lovesweetlove (25.7)
  • 2nd Otter Creek HT Intermediate--Widespread Panic
  • 2nd River Glen HT Intermediate--The Grasshopper (37)
  • 2nd KY Classic HT Intermediate--Widespread Panic
  • 3rd Otter Creek HT Intermediate--The Grasshopper
  • 3rd Greater Dayton HT Preliminary--Widespread Panic (27.3)
  • 4th River Glen Fall HT Novice--Lovesweetlove 27.4 dressage
  • 5th Jumpstart HT Novice--Wapentake
  • 5th KY Classic HT BN--Love Sweet Love (32)
  • 5th Queeny Park HT N--La Bien Vie
  • 5th Champagne Run HT BN--Lovesweet Love (34)
  • 6th Flying Cross HT BN--Love Sweet Love (35)
  • 6th Lost Hounds HT I--Widespread Panic
  • 2010

  • 1st May Daze HT Preliminary--Widespread Panic
  • 2nd Otter Creek HT Intermediate---Widespread Panic
  • 3rd River Glen HT Intermediate--Widespread Panic
  • 3rd Spring Bay HT Preliminary--Widespread Panic
  • Clean XC round at Fair Hill CCI**--Widespread Panic
  • 1st Greater Dayton HT Preliminary--The Grasshopper
  • 1st Spring Bay HT Preliminary--The Grasshopper
  • 1st at USDF 1st level dressage at Meadow Lake--The Grasshopper
  • 18th place finish at the Fair Hill CCI** with clean XC--The Grasshopper
  • Awarded "The Sportsmanship Award" at 2010 Fair Hill International
  • 3rd Dunnabeck HT with ASAP, dressage 25.5
  • 1st Queeny Park HT with ASAP, dressage 26.7
  • 2nd Dunnabeck HT with Color Treatment at Training
  • 3rd Queeny Park HT Preliminary on Probable Cause
  • 3rd Spring Bay HT Training with Probable Cause
  • 2009

  • 1st Paul Frazier
  • 1st River Glen HT Intermediate--Widespread Panic
  • Area Champion, winning USEA Area 8 Prelim Championships--Grasshopper
  • Area Champion, winning USEA Area 8 BN Championships aboard Nightfall
  • Only rider at the Fair Hill CCI** to complete aboard multiple horses
  • Widespread Panic gets top 20 finish at Fair Hill CCI**
  • The Grasshopper completes Fair Hill CCI** with clean XC
  • 2008

  • Widespread Panic debuts successfully at the Advanced Level
  • The Grasshopper successfully developed to the Intermediate Level
  • 2007

  • Megan actively competes three horses successfully at FEI levels
  • Hagyards Midsouth CCI*, only rider to complete the CCI on multiple horses
  • Completes the Ocala CCI** clean XC--6yo OTTB Widespread Panic
  • 3 students complete their first CCI* with clean XC rounds, ALL in the ribbons
  • 2006

  • American Holsteiner Horse Association Event Horse of the Year, Riverwatch
  • 2005

  • 4th place year end USEA Gold Cup Standings for the Advanced Level
  • 2004 and Prior

  • 2004: Compete successfully at the Advanced Level, Never Stop Dreaming
  • 2004: Complete Radnor CCI** Long Format, clear XC, Never Stop Dreaming
  • 2004: Team CEO Eventing is established by Howard & Megan Moore
  • 2002: NAYRC 10th place individual
  • 2002: NAYRC 4th place team competition